About TT Pottery

A Family Business

TT Pottery Designs is a mother-daughter family business owned by Theresa and Melanie Otto. Established in 1999, TT Pottery Designs evolved from Theresa’s artistry and passion for this magnificent area. Melanie joined in 2015, adding her own creative influence. Both reside in Bishop, CA. Mountain vistas, wildflowers and trees of this magnificent area characterize their work.

About Theresa

A native to the area, Theresa grew up hiking and skiing the mountains as she cultured her appreciation of the area. After leaving the Sierra to attend college Theresa received a nursing degree and studied ceramics as well, which continued to be her favorite hobby. After returning to the Sierra with her family, Theresa pursued her interest in ceramics and conceived the Sierra Scenes series of pottery in 1999.
Winter morning at the studio

About Melanie

Also a native to the area, Melanie grew up snowboarding the mountains from an early age. She left the Sierra to attend college in the bay area and eventually returned to her home town and began working with her mother in 2015.


Inspiration from the High Sierras